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Do you Love to Dress them up or Dress them down?

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Made with Love, Worn with Class and Sass, 

providing inspiration one Tee shirt expression at a time

Hi, Y’all! 

I am so excited to be sharing my love for tee shirts with each and every one of y’all.  Welcome to the Tee Shirt Society I look forward to sharing a special box each and every month.   

A little bit about me, I am what they call a  “creative”  and have several “creative” businesses. The only thing I love more than creating and tee shirts is my family.  

My first love … My Why ...  my family … husband, two boys, Great Dane, siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, people I consider family, well, you get the picture, I love my people! 

I am a “Blessed Mama”, “Messy Bun”, “Drink the coffee, Do the things”, “If my mouth doesn’t say it my face definitely will”, “Dog Mom”, “Let the Shenanigans Begin”, “But the greatest of these is Love” kind of person.  And yes, I do have a tee-shirt that says all these things!  I always say “If you can’t say it, wear it!” I am an avid DIY-er, Crafter, Quilter, Designer, baker, and sharer! 

I tend to focus on the things that bring joy into my life, my family’s life, and the lives of those around me.  Being the Mama of two medically complex boys keeps my perspective in check!  

I am excited to share the Tee Shirt Society with y’all! Enjoy!  

With Gratitude,